[Taocow PBEM] Chapter V: A Stranger And His Knowledge

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OOC: I'd like to introduce our new player (after much delay), Troy, who is
manning the Elf, Talas.

> > [GM]
> > "Well, you made it all the way here." the shopkeeper says.  "You must have
> > learned something, eh?"
> > [/GM]

> [Alex]
> Alex looks just a tad sad for a moment before responding. She states in 
> a small voice, "Well, my Lt never taught any fools. I wonder what has 
> happened to Fatalis and Davros?" musing to herself.
> [/Alex]

OOC: For our new player's benefit, Alex is the red-haired woman talking to
the shopkeeper.

"Lost friends." the shopkeeper nods.  "I've had my share.  It's our lot in
life, I'm afraid."

> > [GM]
> > The Elf turns to Lena and says "Hello again Lena,  friend of Arden Leaf
> > Stalker."
> >
> > Lena giggles.  "Hello there Talas."
> >
> > The elf then scans the room.  Then he turns back to Arden and in Elvish
> > says "I am sorry to hear of the loss of your clan. But if this eclectic
> > group that our travel with are true friends then perhaps you are on your
> > way to finding a new clan."
> >
> > Then, in American again, he says "Perhaps there is something that you
> > can help me with. I am looking for an ancient ruined temple that is
> >  surrounded by hundreds of columns that are as wide and as tall as great
> > trees. Have you hears of such a place on this island? I am hoping to
> > find a man with red eyes there."
> >
> > Phaeton's eyes go wide and his face becomes pale.
> > [/GM]

> [Arden]
> Arden widens his eyes slightly, then grins what could only be called an 'evil' 
> grin. In elvish, he says, "Well, maybe I am on my way to finding a new clan. 
> I have known these others for a short time, but I trust them. Especially him 
> (pointing to Phaeton)." In American, "I believe I know of whom you speak. 
> Phaeton?" Arden nods. "I think he knows, too.
> [/Arden]

The tattooed man clears his throat.  "Indeed." he says.  "But this is not
the place to speak of it."

> [Arden]
> He looks a little distant and his eyes glaze over for a moment, then he
> nods. In elvish he says, "The Temple of Rath-Iren... What do you know of
> it?" For any who don't speak Elvish, you might notice the barely hidden
> sense of wrath at the uttering of the last phrase.
> [/Arden]

> [Alex]
> Alex looks surprised but does not really go pale. She looks over at
> Phaeton and it is clear in her eyes that she wants to know what started
> Phaeton so much. She runs towards the stange elf and asks, "So tell me
> what is the name of this ruined temple?"
> [/Alex]

Now the entire room focuses on the Elf, Talas.  Even the shopkeeper, despite
trying to look busy counting gemstones, is leaning forward.

Bongo whispers something into his comm.

OOC: For the new player, Bongo is the dog boy.  Your character doesn't know
yet, but just so you don't lose the thread of things too much.

[Meanwhile, outside...]

As the boy guards the strange Elf's horse, Bongo's voice, much quieter,
comes through on Kyle's radio.  "I think you better get in the shop, Kyle."

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