[Taocow PBEM] Chapter V: A Stranger And His Knowledge

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Mon Jun 27 12:44:57 PDT 2005

> [Alex]
> Alex asks the young boy when shown the room, "Is there any chance we 
> could please get some food up here. I am starved and I am sure that 
> everybody else is hungry as well."
> [/Alex]

The boy nods.  "Aye, I shall tell the innkeeper to send up some right away."

The boy looks to Talas.  "I shall stable your horse, sir.  She'll be
the safest, happiest horse in all of Eire!" With that he darts

> > [GM]
> > Phaeton looks to the others, and in particular Alex and Arden.  "Perhaps
> > you should tell us what you know, Elf Talas."
> > [/GM]

> [Talas]
> "As you ask. But I will expect you to do the same."  Talas says
> looking over the group, particularly at Arden, Alex and Phaeton. 
> [/Talas]

Phaeton nods, and gestures for Talas to continue.

> [Talas]
> "Early last night as I was camped for the night. An image of a woman 
> appeared to me in the flames of my camp fire. She said that I had
> been chosen for a quest. The image then changed to that of a battle 
> field with what looked like thousands of slain warriors around the 
> temple, that I asked about. And inside the temple was a man with red
> glowing eyes. I was able to recognize him as a member of a demonic 
> race that was to have died out long ago.  The woman’s voice then told 
> me to go to Ireland as quickly as possible. And then as the woman’s 
> voice faded away it was replaced by the sound of approaching
> hooves.” He give a small smile and continue in a more upbeat tone 
> “Which turned out to be a pair of incompetent highway men, who were 
> hired by a dark-robed stranger. I was able to scare them off by trying
> to throwing one of them through a large tree. The one rouge ran and 
> the one that I tossed was more than willing to answer my questions and
> give me his armor.”
> Talas’s tone becomes serious again “After that I decided to travel 
> through the night. Come morning I found that the coast had been 
> ravaged by a storm caused by a rift opening up just off shore.” He 
> looks at Phaeton again and says “I only mention the rogues and the 
> storm because I feel they were ment to stop me from coming here.”
> “This is all that I know. Now what can you tell me of the temple and 
> the demon I look for?”
> [/Talas]

Phaeton stands in silent contemplation for a moment, and then looks
to his companions.  "The lady which you saw as my goddess, or as her
followers call her, She That Has No Name."

Phaeton sighs.  "I have followed since I was a boy, a captive of the
horrible Splugorth in Atlantis.  She came to me in a dream.  She showed
me a world devestated, in pain, a war raging and the very Megaverse
itself being torn apart.  She said others had been chosen, and showed me
a women with the power to control ice."

He looks to Lady Frost.  "You, you are a key.  She said that you would
come out out of Time, and that your coming would awaken a sleeping evil."

"The Captain knew this as well, and though he told me he gained that
knowledge through my goddess, I no longer believe that to be so.  I am
convinced that it is the demon that Talas refers to, or his masters."

"We must seek out the Temple of Rath-iren." Phaeton finishes.  "Do any
of you know anything of it or its whereabouts?"

Bongo shuffles.  "Well, as I have been trying to say since we were on
this ship, Osiris and I found what I think are co-ordinates.  Maybe
this temple lies there."

Phaeton nods, and then looks first to Arden, then to Lena, and then finally
to Alex.  "I do not think I am the only one that has had visions, or at
least heard the name Rath-iren.  There is a war coming, and many things
depend upon us, for we are the chosen.  Of that I am sure."

Aaron Clausen

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