[Taocow PBEM] Chapter V: A Stranger And His Knowledge

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Thu Jun 30 17:34:48 PDT 2005

> [Arden]
> Sighs deeply, then looks to Talas. He says, "I'm not
> sure what my personal 
> seeing meant, but I do know that we must stop this
> man in white and remove 
> him. He stains the landscape with the color of death
> and, should he be 
> allowed to succeed in what he plans, we are ALL
> doomed." With that, he looks 
> around, and literally slumps down to the floor. "I
> can't lose again... I 
> just can't..."
> [/Arden]

[Amanda Connors]

With Alex having been little help, beyond disturbing
her slightly, Amanda had decided to talk to Lena about
her needs at the soonest possible moment.

A moment destined to be delayed it seemed....

"Woah, back up there a second.  What do you mean
'again'??  And why are you looking for a man in white,
but he was talking about one in black robes??"

She looked around at the group.   "I've had a vision
of this too, but I think I want to wait until I hear
this.  A good reporter makes sure to get all her facts

[/Amanda Connors]

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