[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VII - Into the Land of Mists

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> [GM]
> Bongo meditates and soon his ghostly form rises up
> and out of  site. 
> Even to Bongo's astral form this mist is to thick to
> see.  Soon  he is
> above it and looking on a world of white below and a
> sky of  darkness
> and stars above.  His astral senses become keener
> and he is  able to
> see the fog had shape, dipping where the gully is
> and rising on  the
> hillside.  Little else can be seen from this
> altitude however,  and
> Bongo heads down.
> He follows the track that had lead them to the 
> stone house.  It keeps
> to the top of the gully for several miles  before
> ending abruptly at
> the edge of a cliff.  Far below can be heard  the
> roar of a river. 
> Across the gully is a jagged tooth of stone that
> must  rise hundreds
> feet in the air.  Beyond it is the other cliff 
> wall.  This rock
> actually juts right out of the middle of the gully, 
> as if it had been
> stabbed into the floor of the canyon.
> There seems  to be no way across for material beings
> save flying. 
> Bongo rises up until  the hills are below, hidden in
> mist.  Still the
> jagged rock rises some  three hundred feet, a narrow
> stone path hugging
> to the stone walls of this  peculiar rock.
> Finally reaching the top Bongo sees a platform, not
> more  than twenty
> feet across, with a small crudely-shapen stone house
> that looks  like
> four large rocks put together for walls with a
> larger stone placed  on
> top as a roof.  The entrance is no more than three
> feet across  by
> about three feet high, dug under the rock wall.  The
> glow of a  fire
> can be seen.
> Bongo passes through the stone tentatively, and 
> there sees the lizard
> man Griz bowing before the flames.  Griz is 
> chanting "Kuzah kalah
> mizal dezoth nimur" over and over as he throws
> flecks  of some white
> powder into the fire.  Soon a figure appears, shaky
> at  first, but
> becoming clearer.  It is the pale man, the demon
> that they  had fought
> on the ship, and his eyes are burning redder than
> the  fire.
> "It is I, Lord of the K'murd-faka." Griz says,
> lowering his  head.  "I
> have done as you instructed and I have brought the
> wanderers  into the
> Land of Mists as your message  commanded."
> [/GM]
> [Bongo]
> A scowl spreads across Bongo's astral muzzle.  He
> immediately zooms  back to 
> his physical body where he 'comes to' with a sharp
> breath. 
> Looking around at the others, he lets out a soft
> growl.  "We've been  had, 
> everyone.  Griz is working for that pale-skinned
> monstrosity we met on  the boat 
> -- who apparently told our little scaly friend to
> lead us here."
> [/Bongo]

Talas says to Bongo, "That treacherous worm! I swear
I'll tear his beating heart from his chest. How far
ahead is he?"


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