[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VII - Into the Land of Mists

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Talas says to Bongo, "That treacherous worm! I swear
I'll  tear his beating heart from his chest. How far
ahead is  he?"

"He's several miles ahead of us, about 300 feet up the side of a  cliff.  
Kyle's about the only one who could get to him at the moment...  unless one of 
you just realized you could fly," Bongo says, shaking his head  slightly.
Looking over at Alex he continues, "As for what we can do about it... well,  
since Mister Albino wanted us here in the 'Land of the Mists' it might be a 
good  idea to get OUT of them and let him come to us.  On the other hand, since  
we're already fortified here we could lay in wait for him.  I don't think  
Griz and Mister Albino saw me, so it's quite likely that they don't know we  
know he's trying to lead us into a trap."
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