[Taocow PBEM] My absence

J L tolrick_stonecleaver at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 5 19:19:13 PST 2005

Blanket email to all my games I'm playing or modding

Apologies to anyone/everyone that's been waiting for
me to post.  I was going to have something out earlier
this week, but our phone crashed.

I'll be spending tonight trying to catch up, but we'll
see how much I actually accomplish in one night.

Seems that I'll be moving again in a month or so, this
is good though, the new place has broadband access and
I'll be better able to keep up.   And moving won't be
a hassle as I have nothing to move besides myself and
my 'puter.

Cat, no more new games for me for a while please.  
I'm maxed out right now.

Joe, aka:

Lady Frost
Rupert Giles
Kitty Pryde/Weapon X

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