[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VII - Into the Land of Mists

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Thu Nov 10 10:04:10 PST 2005

((OOC: Slight assumption that while clearly Bongo's
seen Raiders, he probably hasn't had a full 20th
century TV history course.  'Sides, Frost has to have
_some_ moments like this.  Loses the effect if she's
as 'normal' as everyone else.))

> [Lady Frost]
> Frost gets to her feet with a rather  bewildered
> expression.
> Glancing at Arden and Leni, she moves past  them
> into
> the room beyond the now shattered door.
> "Don't know about  you two, but I want to know who's
> got the power to put me in la-la land in  this
> form."
> [/Lady Frost]
> [Bongo]
> "I'm with you," Bongo mutters as he shakes his head
> a bit.  "I  know I was 
> dog tired, but that just wasn't... natural."
> [/Bongo]

[Lady Frost]

"That's an understatement.  Why do you think I changed
forms back on the ship?  Betcha Frosty never fell
asleep at the wheel."

She glanced towards Bongo and noted the look he gave
her.  "Frosty the snowman.  Wears a magic hat.  Really
good at sledding."

[/Lady Frost]

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