[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VII - Into the Land of Mists

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On Wed, 9 Nov 2005, Kitsune wrote:

> Aaron Clausen wrote:
>> [GM]
>> Those with Sixth Sense suddenly get a feeling of danger, but it is
>> Lady Frost who first
>> begins to feel the strange effect when she feels a great weariness
>> start to wash over
>> her.  Before she can control it, she is drifting off to sleep.
>> Bongo and Kyle are next, Bongo falling to the ground and Kyle starting
>> to snooze in his
>> power armor.  Rod, Talas and Arden the collapse themselves.  Lena is
>> last, so that only
>> Alex and Osiris outside and Phaeton on the inside are asleep. Phaeton, 
>> making sure that
>> everyone is safe, runs down the stairs.
>> "What's happening?" he cries out to Osiris and Alex.  As if to answer
>> his question, the fog
>> parts to reveal a column of lit torches, perhaps some twenty strong,
>> marching up the
>> hill towards the company.
>> Then, even more surprising, a bolt of red lightning leaps from the
>> tower, and tendrels reach
>> out, touch the ground and hit the sleepers, who suddenly awaken with a
>> yawn, feeling quite
>> refreshed and each feeling as if a gentle woman's voice had coaxed
>> them out of their
>> unconsciousness.  Inside the tower, Osiris, as the only one in the
>> tower awake, sees the
>> red lightning leap up from Arden, blowing the door off its hinges.
>> Inside Osiris and those just waking up see a small room with another
>> set of stairs leading
>> downwards at the other side, although a quick glance shows that there
>> is no other stairwell
>> *beneath* the room.
>> [/GM]
> ooc:  Umm, Did Alex make the roll or miss it. If it was a save vis magic, she 
> rolled a 19 with bonuses?

OOC: Alex made the roll.

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