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It would be a lot simpler just to have someone take
over the character.  Limits the potentials as well, as
some people just wouldn't be interested in a character
other than their own.

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> mightymartianca at gmail.com writes:
> With the  departure of Arden's player, Derek, I am
> now basically
> playing two of the  characters (Osiris's player very
> rarely posts now),
> as well as the NPCs  Phaeton and Lena.  I haven't
> quite decided what to
> do yet with Arden,  but retirement of the character
> is a distinct
> possibility, mainly to make  my own life a little
> simpler.  No offense
> to Derek here intended, so I  hope he doesn't take
> any.
> At any rate that knocks us back one PC.   I still
> have people asking to
> sign on, but I thought before I asked anyone  on
> board, I'd get your
> feedback.  It's possible that I might get them  to
> take over Arden, or
> possibly one of the NPCs, rather than a new 
> character, but I'll ask
> what you guys think.
> I don't have a problem with a new player taking over
> either character if  the 
> new player doesn't.  Saves you the problem of having
> to intro someone  in an 
> environment that isn't exactly conducive to it.
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