[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VI: Whence The Lizard Man?

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> > [Arden]
> > Arden laughs out loud. "Figures... well, I suggest
> a tactical retreat, at
> > least until we reach a place to send a couple of
> these individuals to the
> > Nine Hells. What do you think?" Without much
> thought, he loads up his
> > energy rifle with a fresh clip and an grin lies on
> his face as he runs
> > near Phaeton and Lena.
> > [/Arden]
> [GM]
> Phaeton nods.  "I agree with your assessment. 
> Perhaps we might even be able
> to avoid a fight completely.  Killing them might
> make return very
> difficult."
> [/GM]
> > [Talas]
> > Solemnly Talas says "Aye friend. We need to find
> ground to our liking. But
> > I would prefer not to send any one to an erly
> grave, if we can help it."
> > Then he pulls out his own rail gun.
> > [/Talas]
> > [Alex]
> > Alex points her rifle at the distant targets, "I
> think it might be best if
> > we take them at long range." She looks through the
> scout of her juicer
> > rifle and sees if she can figure out what kind of
> rail gun this person is
> > carrying in the skull cap.
> > [/Alex]
> [GM]
> It isn't quite recognizable, but appears to be of
> Triax manufacture.
> [/GM]
> > [Talas]
> > Talas casts Sense Evil to see if there is a
> preferred target in the area.
> > [/Talas]
> [GM]
> Either the riders are still too distant, or there is
> no supernatural evil
> nearby.
> [/GM]
> > [Kyle]
> > "I dont fancy fighting these guys in the open." 
> Kyle then scans the are
> > using his military training to look for a good
> defensive position.  Once
> > he pinpoints the best he will suggest to the group
> to head for it.  He
> > will load up his JA-11 and head off to the best
> defensive position.  "I
> > would prefer to find out what these guys want
> before we draw down on them
> > so don't get to trigger happy ladies and gents."
> > [/Kyle]
> [GM]
> Kyle scans the area.  The land slopes down to the
> east and west, but
> continues as a ridge to the north and south. 
> Perhaps a quarter mile away is
> a thick knot of dark trees, some sort of evergreens,
> which make up the only
> substantial cover for several miles.  Farther to the
> north Kyle can see what
> looks like the edge of a large forest of oaks and
> willows, and at the very
> limit of his enhanced visual systems, what looks to
> be a tremendously
> gigantic tree sitting atop a leyline.  But this
> forest must be at least
> twenty miles away, and for those on feet, it would
> take far too much time.
> [/GM]
> > [Alex]
> > The Ex-Coalition wilderness scout nods her head in
> seeing agreement. She
> > states, "Probably be best then if we have one of
> us to speak with them
> > while the rest of us find concealment, ready to
> support if needed. I
> > suspect though that it it looks like a rose, it is
> a rose."
> > [/Alex]
> [GM]
> Lena speaks up, "I say Amanda!  She's tough and can
> at least slow 'em down."
> [/GM]

[Rod Black]
Rays states, "lets keep running, when they get a litle
closer I can stop em in their tracks for up to 5
minutes. it can buy us a little more time."

if everyone follows with rods suggestion, rod will
wait til they are about 1 melee behind us, then cast
carpet of adhesion in thier way

[Rod Black]

ooc: are we near a ley line?

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