[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VIII - The Portal And Beyond - Combat Round #2

Brenton Bartholomew abbart at rawnet.com.au
Wed Apr 5 05:49:11 PDT 2006

> [GM]
> Kyle shoots towards the main body of the pack, and finds, at the rear, a
> frightfully big fellow, almost twice the size of the others, with fur
> missing from much of its body.  The shot hits the monster full on.
> Kyle's open channel communication is unexpectedly responded to.
> "Alright hot shot, this is Sentry Unit Number 14.  We have a fix on your
> bearings.  Please identify immediately."
> [/GM]
Realizing his error Kyle racks his brain (Intelligence Skill) for some 
CS Spec Force Unit he knows that is stationed in Old Chicago and will 
attempt to Bluff his was out of this while finding a place to hide away 
from the rest of his companions.

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