[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - In The Ruins Of Old Chicago

Kitsune kitsunefx at netzero.com
Wed Apr 5 13:47:14 PDT 2006

Brenton Bartholomew wrote:

> [Kyle]
> "Damn this to hell, are we in the shit now." Using a direct radio 
> signal to Alex Kyle says. "Alex get the rest of the team out of her.  
> They may not have seen you guys yet.  I will try and catch up."
> Kyle then switches to an a direct Communication to the Enforcer.  
> "This is captain Martian Lanceiny, of the 32nd Airborne on Special 
> Assignment.  Stand down you are interfering in an Top Secret 
> investigation return to you patrol."  Kyle switches of his radio and 
> says to him self,  "They always said my mouth would get me into 
> trouble again."
> If the CS seem to buy into this Kyle will play along,  If they don't 
> He will Run for it a low altitude and get back underground as soon as 
> possible hoping to lead the CS away from the team.
> [/Kyle] 

Alex knows how to follow orders....she states to everybody, "Lets get 
out of here quickly. She will attempt to lead them through a hidden 
course to escape."

some who do not understand mystery speak of things which they do not 
understand, but they will boast that the mystery of the truth belongs 
to them alone.
- Gnostic Saying

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