[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - In The Ruins Of Old Chicago

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Kyle racks his brain, but really can't come up with anything  specific.  He 
that the units that patrol Old Chicago are pretty  heavily armed.  As to 
places, there are hundreds of buildings  still standing, or at least
partially standing.

Even as he starts  searching around, he sees Alex and Angelica running towards
his location,  as the radio chirps again.  "Sentry Unit Number Fourteen
to  unidentified
SAMAS.  You have two seconds to identify yourself or we  will open fire."

With that three SAMAS, three skycycles and a massive  UAR-1 Enforcer.  Kyle
may not know the precise makeup of this unit,  but there's bound to be ground
forces approaching, as well as backup.   The Coalition is notoriously
paranoid about
anyone being in Old  Chicago.

Within moments, both Alex and Angelica can clearly see the  UAR-1 Enforcer.

In the middle of all of this Lena  cries out "Has anybody seen Osiris?"

"Great, just slaggin' great..." Bongo groans as he smacks his  forehead.  
"Here we are, in one of the most hostile places known to man,  facing some of the 
most hostile FORCES known to man thanks to Kyle's hotdogging,  with an 
over-pierced elf woman tagging along, and now our resident Cyber-Knight  is 
apparently having a senior moment!"
He quickly sniffs around for Osiris' scent while attempting to  stragetically 
withdraw to the hover truck.
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