[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - In The Ruins Of Old Chicago

Brenton Bartholomew abbart at rawnet.com.au
Wed Apr 12 03:04:18 PDT 2006

Aaron Clausen wrote:
>> [Kyle]
>> "Damn this to hell, are we in the shit now." Using a direct radio signal
>> to Alex Kyle says. "Alex get the rest of the team out of her.  They may
>> not have seen you guys yet.  I will try and catch up."
>> Kyle then switches to an a direct Communication to the Enforcer.  "This
>> is captain Martian Lanceiny, of the 32nd Airborne on Special Assignment.
>> Stand down you are interfering in an Top Secret investigation return
>> to you patrol."  Kyle switches of his radio and says to him self,  "They
>> always said my mouth would get me into trouble again."
>> [/Kyle]
> [GM]
> There's a pause at the other end, and then the speaker, sounding slightly
> less sure, gets back on.
> "I'm gonna have to, uh, check on this one." he says, betraying the slightest
> bit of nervousness.  "We've got nothing from HQ about this.  I'll need you to
> land, sir.  In the meantime, we'll round up those freekss you must be chasing."
> [/GM]

"You can check with HQ all you want, but withdraw now.  I wont have you 
blowing my Cover.  Those damn freaks are the reason I am here.  I have 
been working on this for months if you blow this for me I will have you 
permanently based in the magic zone guarding a god damn latrine now get 
your asses out of here NOW."

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