[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - In The Ruins Of Old Chicago

J L tolrick_stonecleaver at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 21 15:57:48 PDT 2006

OOC:  After seeing Lena killed, you can't think we're
getting out of here that easy, do you?  Gonna be some
dead CS troopers very soon.

Kyle sees the Sky Cycle hit Lena and shakes his head
in sorrow.  Knowing that fighting now will do no one
any good he gets his SAMAS low and uses the ensuing
pandemonium for make a run for it.  He swears to him
self "Damn the stupidity she didn't have to die I had
in under control."

Kyle will clear the area then attempt to regroup with
the party if is is safe to do so.

[Lady Frost]

"Lena!"  People dying wasn't new to Frost, she'd
already had a couple of new lessons while here.  But
this was different.

She had caused it.

Apparently Kyle had things under control.  But how
could she have known that.  She didn't have any way of
listening to what he was saying.  HER comms were
centuries out of date, and nobody had another set
anyhow.  If she had listened to Talas, everyone would
be fine.

So, for moments after Lena's cry had faded and the
Enforcer crashed to the ground, Frost just stood
holding the pavement.

When she did move it was with a rage that few people
ever saw.  She only said one thing in answer to the

"Follow Rod."

Hefting the pavement up to give herself a clear view,
she launched it in an arc intended to crush the
offending skycycle pilot's head.

Then she turned and ran full speed towards those
soldiers on the ground with vengeance in her eyes.

[/Lady Frost]

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