[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - In The Ruins Of Old Chicago

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Even as Ted turns to run he suddenly feels a splitting headache  thatdoubles
him over.  the others see Ted and Arden go  down.

Meanwhile the fire continues.  A large hit strikes in front  of Rod, and the
ground suddenly opens up.  Still holding on to Phaeton  with one arm, he
scrabbles vainly at the pavement, but in a moment he  disappears into the
bowels of Old Chicago, crying out  "Goddamnitttttttt!

As the rest of the company runs down the road, they  see a rusted sign in the
distance that reads "McGuane Park", and remember  Frost's words that they
ought to make for it.

Bongo's ears make out  the approach of more Skycycles, and possibly something
bigger.  It  appears that reinforcements are on the way.

"Great... just fraggin' great..." Bongo mutters to himself as he slaps the  
fresh e-clip into place and looks to make a break for the hover truck.  "If  we 
ever get out of here alive, I'm not coming back to this hellhole even if my  
hide depends on it."
"WE GOT MORE COMPANY INCOMING!!!!" Bongo shouts into his comm.
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