[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VII - Into the Land of Mists <outside>

Brenton Bartholomew cutter at aapt.net.au
Mon Jan 2 01:06:21 PST 2006

> [GM]
> As Kyle approaches a voice suddenly says "Stop right there, Coalition.  Put your
> hands where I can see them and no funny stuff."
> Kyle can see a rather odd looking fellow, a lizard man, but not the shopkeeper
> they were persuing, with an energy rifle aimed straight at the SAMAS's head."
> [/GM]

Behind his faceplate Kyle smirks at the Lizard man.  "That is never 
going to happen my scally friend."  Kyle locks his targeting system onto 
the lizard man, taking notice of any other unpleasent beings that might 
be pointing guns at him.  Then continues "but you will answer my 
question.  Why are you tracking us?"

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