[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VII - Into the Land of Mists <in tower>

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Tue Jan 17 22:14:11 PST 2006

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> > [GM]
> > Suddenly, even as Osiris finishes speaking, the
> tunnel floor pitches
> > violently from an explosion far above.  A large
> crack appears in the
> > ceiling and a few alarming pieces of stone fall
> noisily to the ground.
> >
> > Lena cries.  "Something must be happening above!"
> > [/GM]
> [GM]
> As chaos rains down on those inside the tower,
> radios chirp and Alex
> can be heard.
> "Hawk to someone inside. We have problems. Anybody
> have any escape ideas?"
> [/GM]
Talas responds to both Alex and bongo's request "My
Freinds this is Talas. I beleave we have what you
asked for. We have come across a portale in the towers
basment. I'll meet you at the top of the Tower. Talas


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