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Phaeton  runs up to the door.  "For the moment, he is trusted." he says to  
Frost.  "I feel the earth groaning, and if there is an escape  below
the tower, then
we must go now."

He turns to the  others.  "This smoke, magical or whatever it is, seems
to  confuse
the enemy as well.  Quickly, before someone comes for which no  mist holds any
secrets!"  With that Phaeton runs  inside.

"He's got a point, Kyle," Bongo grunts into his comlink.  "You've done  all 
you can.  Better thrust it inside and hope THIS portal doesn't lead us  into 
the middle of the freakin' ocean..."
He sprints inside the tower and heads towards the stairs.
OOC: GM, please let me know when he meets up with Osiris.
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