[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VIII - The Portal And Beyond...

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Thu Jan 26 12:43:50 PST 2006

Even as the army approaches the tower, the company, with their new and
mysterious addition, race into the tower and down into the darkness.  There,
before them, lies chaos.  Osiris is pinned beneath a huge rock and Rod is
rushing towards him to give aid.

As the entire company gathers inside the portal chamber, they witness the
portal, and and even the non-magical and non-psionic can feel the power of
this thing.  The air seems to dance around it.

Suddenly there is another loud explosion and a terrifying CRACK!  The floor
between them and the portal opens up, and flames dance up.  The ground
pitches wildly for a few moments.

When the sound stops there is silence, save a faint whooshing sound coming
from the portal.  Then, very faintly, Bongo hears the sound of many feet coming
down the stairs.  Phaeton seems to hear it to.

"They come!" he says.  "And the demon with them.  They must not capture us,
nor must they be allowed to use the portal."

Osiris hisses in pain.  "Get this rock off of me.  The rest of you get
into the portal
and I'll hold them off.  I'll bring down this cavern around their
ears, but you have
all got to move!"

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