[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VIII - The Portal And Beyond...

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>  > [Lady Frost]
> >
> > As Frost got a clear look at the  situation she
> knew
> > that Osiris was right.   It  was the same thing she
> was
> > prepared to do the last time  they were near a
> portal.
> >
> > She put her hand on  Ted's shoulder and gently
> moved
> > him out of her way, then  reached down and hefted
> the
> > stone off of him, almost  casually tossing it
> towards
> > the stairs.  That'll  cause some muscle strain
> later...
> >
> > ((OOC: 39  PS can manage this I think, she can lift
> > almost 6  tons...))
> >
> > Then she knelt next to him and shifted  back to
> > 'normal'.  "I didn't want to lose anymore  friends.
> > Give em hell."
> >
> > She  gave him a small kiss on the cheek and then
> stood
> > and  moved through the portal, shifting back to
> Frost
> > as she  did.
> > [/Lady Frost]
> >   
>  [Kyle]
> "Lets get moving people,  into the Porthole.   I'll
> go first and cover 
> your arrival."
> With  that Kyle jumps through the Porthole.
> [/Kyle]
Talas runs over to the bolder that Lady Frost tossed
at the  stair-well pick it up and jams it well into the
stair well.

OOC:  being able to carry 10.5 tons and therefore dead
lift 21 tons. Talas should  be able to get it jammed
good and proper in the stair well.

Talas  then turns to Osiris And says "Lord Osiris my
friend Are you saying that  you wish us to leave you

OOC: I'm going to assume that he's  going to say yes

"Then my friend that rock and what healing I  can
perform should give you time to prepare for the battle
to come."  Talas then performs healing touch on Osiris
multiple times. Just before  Talas has to leave Osiris
to his fate he says "My your god bless and  protect you
Lord Osiris." Talas then casts Impervious to Fire on
Osiris  and then steps through the portal.

"Noble death or not, Osiris, I don't leave friends behind..." Bongo  growls.  
"I'll be fragged if I bug out without so much as a 'thanks for the  memories' 
and a smile."
He quickly slings his rifle back over his shoulder and reaches down to grab  
hold of Osiris to drag him into the portal with them.
OOC: Yes, I understand the reason for Osiris' noble sacrifice... but I  don't 
think Bongo would be so willing to let someone sacrifice themselves for  him.
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