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"No, Bongo, my friend." Osiris says.  "This is the  life I chose."  He then
frees one hand, puts it inside his pack and  pulls out a scroll that looks to
Bongo's eyes like vellum.  "Here."  Osiris continues, putting the scroll in
Bongo's hand.  "I should have  shown this to you all a long time ago.  I
don't know whether it will  help you at all or not.  Now get moving.  You're
out of time, and  I plan on taking some of them with me."

With that he grabs his gun and  aims into the middle of the settling dust
cloud, where a looming figure can  now be seen.

As Lena follows the others through  the door, Phaeton stops in front of Bongo
and Osiris.  "You are wise,  Cyberknight, and you do your order and oaths
great credit.  I do not  think this is goodbye forever, though."

Then Phaeton turns to  Bongo.  "The Cyberknight is right.  We must go now, or
the portal  will be closed to us, and our fate, and that of the Megaverse,
will be  sealed."

The dog boy looks around to see the stone blown to smithereens and realizes  
sadly that Osiris is right.  He turns back to the Cyber-Knight and pats him  
on the shoulder, the look in his eyes changing from sadness to grim  
determination.  "Then give 'em hell my friend."
He clutches the scroll tightly and dashes off into the portal.
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