[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VIII - The Portal And Beyond

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> > > [Ted]
> > > "Mind filling me on what that things is?" Ted whispers to the others.
> > > [/Ted]

> > [Rod]
> > Rod turns back.  "Yeah, it's mean and tough."
> >
> > With that he leaps out into the hall and brings his hammer down on the
> > creature.  The creature is thrown back and that's when Rod and the
> > others notice farther down the hallway is a tall, incredibly beautiful
> > Elvin woman with black-feathered wings, while broken glass protrudes
> > from her skin.
> >
> > Behind her is an old man lying on the ground.
> > [/Rod]

> > [GM]
> > The company can also clearly see that the blue-skinned creature is
> > injured, its stomach opened and green ichor leaking from it.  Never the
> > less, it jumps at Rod and manages to get past Rod's defenses and begins
> > squeezing him as Rod's face grimmaces in pain.
> > [/GM]

Alright, haven't done this in a while, but seeing as there are so many
attackers, I'm gonna do an initiative, for my sanity if for no one else's.

Strange Elvin woman
Lady Frost
Blue Meanie

> [Bongo]
> "Hey gruesome -- he doesn't squeak when you squeeze him!" Bongo growls as
> he activates his sword and charges at the little monster, ready to relieve
> him of an arm or a head before it can do Rod any permanent harm.
> [/Bongo]

Bongo swings at the creature, but his intended blow goes very wide.

> [Kyle]
> Knowing the risk of firing down the hallway Kyle takes a rear guard
> position.
> [/Kyle]

The very strange looking Elvin woman leaps forward and lays in her attack,
punching the creature right between the eyes and knocking it, and Rod, back.

> [Alex]
> The Coalition ranger simply stands and waits as well, taking as much cover
> as possible. There cannot be too many people who are attacking this
> creature at one time. She will radio, "I have a vibro-sword if you think
> it will do any good."
> [/Alex]

Phaeton, like Alex, remains back, unwilling to enter a frey with so many

> [Ted]
> Ted brings his weapon to the ready.  "This is getting weirder by the
> second." he thinks.
> After finding a safe place to deposit Arden, he finds a good kneeling
> position at the corner of the intersection that offers some decent cover.
> While the others attack, he takes him time to aim and then fires on the
> monster that has attacked Rod.
> [/Ted]

It is difficult to make any kind of aimed shot with the creature flying
backwards, Rod still in its grip, and multiple attackers.  The shot does hit
the creature, though, cutting a large chunk of its shoulder.

> [Talas]
> Talas aiming for the head, attacks the creature with a 'Chi Death Blow
> Roundhouse Kick'
> [Talas]

Talas's kick knocks the creature's head back, and it remains at a rather
disturbing angle.  The arms seem to reflexively release Rod, who falls to
the floor.  The creature, it's head turned to the side and tilted up,
begins, in a slow, tilting fashion, to move away.

[Lady Frost]
With a flick of her hands, Frost encases the creature's feet in a block of
ice.  It feebly tries to keep moving, but can go nowhere.
[/Lady Frost]

Phaeton now turns his attention to the strange-looking yet stunningly
beautiful elvin woman who entered the battle.  "Who are you?" he asks, "and
who is the old man with you?"

Even as he asks this, the others notice that the dust motes in the air
around the creature are beginning to stir, forming a spiraling pattern.

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