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On 3/8/06, Aaron Corley <marjannec at netzero.com> wrote:
> [Ted]
> OOC: Is a dimpled chad supposed to be the back end of dangling chad? [/Ted]

OOC: When you use an energy weapon, I'd say the question is moot! 
Very likely you're going to incinerate the entire poll anyways.

Reminds me of a funny story from the first time I played Rifts (many
long years ago now, something like 1991 or 1992).  We were following
this baddy through a ruined old town, and I was playing, as I recall,
a Headhunter.  Anyways, I corner the bastard in the ruins of an old
hotel.  I gleefully raise my NG-P7 and fire, missing of course.  The
entire structure was wood, and my brother who was GMing, just loving
to fill in delightful details, explains to me that I have now blown
out a wall and the entire place is on fire.

It was my introduction to the concept of mega-damage.  I'd played
Robotech, but MDC and SDC so infrequently interacted in that game that
I'd just simply thought of them as more arithmetic scales.

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