[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VIII - The Portal And Beyond

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Talas's stab misses the creature's throat and jabs into its  chest.  The
creature is completely immobile now, save for large  quantities of green
ichour running all over the passage.

"I think  it's dead." Lena says.  Then she looks to the elvin woman.
"What did  you say the name of that old man was?"

"Yes, please," Bongo says as he turns his attention to the elvish  woman.  "I 
could have sworn I heard the words 'Osiris' and 'knight.'"
Remembering how duplicates of people they had known had been used against  
them -- or WILL be used against them, this time-travel business was more than a  
little bit confusing -- Bongo reaches out with his psychic and physical 
senses  to get a reading on the two new arrivals.
OOC: Standard procedure here, chief -- full scent/psi scan... :)
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