[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VIII - The Portal And Beyond (OOC)

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For clarity's sake, here's the characters:
Ted - The lizard  guy
Alex - The red-haired CS scout
Phaeton (NPC) - The tattooed  man
Kyle - The tiger-striped SAMAS
Lady Frost - The icy-looking  woman
Bongo - The Dog Boy
Rod (NPC) - The *very* ugly dwarf
Talas -  The elf in the red robes with the funky kung-fu moves
Lena (NPC) - A young  woman not much older than Angelica
Angelica - The beautiful and strange new  Elvin woman
Osiris (NPC) - The old man on the ground

OOC:  What about Arden?

OOC: That's only part of the problem... I'm worried about what Rod would  say 
if he could hear the GM referring to him as a  Dwarf...
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