[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VIII - The Portal And Beyond

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> [GM]
> Phaeton turns to the woman.  "How long have you travelled with this man?"
> he asks Angelica.
> [/GM]

> > [Talas]
> > Talas asks the woman "What has happened to him?"
> > [/Talas]

> [Ted]
> "He got old, Talas. It happens to even the best of humans," Ted chides.
> [/Ted]

> [Bongo]
> "It would seem that way..." Bongo mutters, still a bit suspicious as his
> senses are unable to give solid proof one way or the other about the old
> man's identity.  Still, there were other ways...
> "If that IS really Osiris," Bongo states rather loudly, so that the  old
> man would be certain to hear, "then certainly he would remember a little
> 'something' he gave to me before we came through the portal... so it'd be
> no real problem for him to identify for us what that 'something' is."
> His eyes narrow as he watches the old man's reaction (if any) and once
> again tries to get a sniff of his scent (physical and/or psychic).
> [/Bongo]

> [Angelica]
> "I only met him last night. He's fine, as far as I know." Angelica
> replies.
> [Angelica]

> [Talas]
> Talas adjusts his guard towards this strange winged elf. And awaits to see
> what happens with the old Osiris.
> [/Talas]

Bongo finally manages to get a better sense of the old man, and he is almost
sure now that it is Osiris.  The old man opens an eye, and looks at Lady

"It's been twenty years for me." the old cyberknight who had seemed so young
just a few minutes before croaks.  "You guys don't look a bit different. 
Oh, and I trust Bongo still has that scroll."

Phaeton for once actually smiles, though it looks like his face might break. 
"I thought we might see you again, I just didn't think it would be so long,
or soon, depending on your point of view."

"Good to see you." Rod says gruffly, with the faintest traces of emotion. 
"But you know what, I'm exhausted.  We've been on our feet for what seems
like twenty years.  We can't go ahead right now because we'll run up against
ourselves, so I can't think of any better place than this to sleep."

"Besides," the self-denying dwarf adds, looking squarely at Angelica, "we've
had a lot of knew company in just a little while, and I think we should try
to figure out what we're doing.  I for one like the idea of heading to the
surface and checking out the vehicle."

Even as Rod finishes speaking, Arden suddenly leaps to his feet and starts
screaming.  He runs at Alex waving his arms.

"It sees you Alex!" he shouts so loudly that it seems like it will bring the
whole tunnel down.  "It sees you, and Frost, both.  Vimakardu will break the
bonds of Time!"  He suddenly starts swinging at Alex.

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