[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VIII - The Portal And Beyond

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> >[Alex]
> >...blocks the fist (assuming a punch) with a
> forearm and brings her knee 
> >into his groin.
> >[/Alex]
> >
> >[Ted]
> >Ted jumps forward to restrain the elf, using
> whatever technique is 
> >necessary to keep Arden from hurting himself or
> anyone else.
> >
> >"Under the circumstances, I think it best we not
> sleep down here," he says, 
> >struggling against Arden, "if you know of someplace
> safe, I vote we go 
> >there. Perhaps there you can tell us what is going
> on."
> >[Ted]
> >
> [Angelica]
> "You want outa here? Find me a reflective surface
> and a damn good 
> description of where you want to go. I'll get us
> somewhere safe."
> [Angelica]
Talas gives Angelica a quick glance and says 
"Thankyou for the offer. But If I understand my
frends, There should be a stair well leading up to the
surface just down the hall."

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