[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VIII - The Portal And Beyond

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Lena's words seem evoke the feeling of this place.  The  walls
themselves seem haunted, the ghosts of time and death  have
ingrained themselves into the very bones of this  once-great
city.  Lady Frost remembers it as it was, a vibrant,  living,
breathing society, but now it is rot and horror.

The company  makes their way through the doors and on to
the street.  Outside the  doors awaits another horrible sight;
the bloodied torso of a man, arms,  legs and head missing.

Suddenly those with Sixth Sense feel danger  again, and
Bongo's ears pick up the soft padding sound of many  canine
feet approaching...

"Fraggin' wonderful..." Bongo growls as he unslings his rifle and checks  his 
e-clip.  "Remember those wolf-thingies we bumped into the last time we  came 
through here?  We're about to get second helpings..."
He glances over at Lady Frost.  "Any chance you can make the path  behind us 
slippery enough to make those things think twice about chasing  us?"
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