[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VIII - The Portal And Beyond

Brenton Bartholomew abbart at rawnet.com.au
Tue Mar 21 01:03:45 PST 2006

> [GM]
> Lena's words seem evoke the feeling of this place.  The walls
> themselves seem haunted, the ghosts of time and death have
> ingrained themselves into the very bones of this once-great
> city.  Lady Frost remembers it as it was, a vibrant, living,
> breathing society, but now it is rot and horror.
> The company makes their way through the doors and on to
> the street.  Outside the doors awaits another horrible sight;
> the bloodied torso of a man, arms, legs and head missing.
> Suddenly those with Sixth Sense feel danger again, and
> Bongo's ears pick up the soft padding sound of many canine
> feet approaching...
> [/GM]
Kyle hits his jets and starts to scan the area for the danger.  He will 
relay any relevant info and cover the group as best he can.

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