[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VIII - The Portal And Beyond

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Tue Mar 21 12:25:56 PST 2006


Suddenly those with Sixth Sense feel danger again, and
Bongo's ears pick up the soft padding sound of many
canine feet approaching...


"Fraggin' wonderful..." Bongo growls as he unslings
his rifle and checks his e-clip.  "Remember those
wolf-thingies we bumped into the last time we came
through here?  We're about to get second helpings..."

He glances over at Lady Frost.  "Any chance you can
make the path  behind us slippery enough to make those
things think twice about chasing us?"


Taking a queue from Bongo Talas pulls out his rail gun
and releases the safety.

[Lady Frost]

"What things?"  Frost begins looking around in
confusion and a small bit of concern.  If Bongo
claimed something was nearby, something was.  But that
didn't always help her find it.

Even so, she dropeed into a ready stance, prepared to
fight off whatever came at them.


[/Lady Frost]

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