[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VIII - The Portal And Beyond - Combat Round #1

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While the party seems to have this under control, in the  not-so-distant
distance can be heard the howls of the rest of the  D-wolves.  They seem to
have got over the confusion that Kyle had  sowed.  They make no attempt to be
quiet now, and are running at a  full gate, and even the deafest, it sounds
like there is a lot of  them.

Bongo's ears flicker anxiously as his sensitive hearing picks up the sounds  
of the rest of the D-Wolves approaching.  "Alright people, it's time to  
Trying to help eliminate the rest of the D-wolves as fast as possible, he  
moves up as close as possible to the nearest one and unloads the rest of the  
clip (OOC: should be enough for one last long burst IIRC) in the general  
direction of the beastie's noggin.
(OOC: if one starts to charge him, he'll wait until the last possible  
instant before pulling the trigger -- jamming the business end of the rifle into  
the thing's mouth a la "Aliens" if need be).
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