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>CombatRound #1
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>OOC 1: To keep things straight in my head (and hopefully in all of yours'),
>I'm adding a bit of description to what the nasties are doing.  If anyone's
>still confused, let me know.
>OOC 2: Boy, I've never seen the posts coming so fast and furious!
>D-wolf 1 (hit by Ted)
>D-wolf 2 (struggling with Phaeton)
>D-wolf 3 (coming at Angelica)
>D-wolf 4 (coming at Alex)
>Lady Frost
>D-wolf 5 (just hit by Lady Frost's "bone")
>D-wolf 6 (severely injured by Bongo)
>>Alex climbs on top of a relatively stable-looking rubble pile that looks
>>like it would be pretty hard for one of the creatures to climb.
>Phaeton tries desparately to get his sword into the D-wolf, but somehow it
>manages to do dodge his blow.
>[D-wolf 1]
>Enraged by Ted's hit, it leaps at Ted, trying to wrap its maw around his
>[/D-wolf 1]
>Ted easily dodges the D-wolf's attack.
>>"Sorry about that cousin," Bongo sneers as his shot hits home, "but when
>>it's kill or be killed, I'd rather be the one doing the killing.  Now do
>>yourself a favor and die..."
>>He squeezes off another long burst at the same D-wolf, hoping to put it
>>out of its misery.
>Bongo's second shot blasts the beast into eternity, leaving behind a few
>pieces of burning flesh and fur.
>>Alex does what she can, firing three round bursts from her JA-12 rifle.
>Alex's shot, while not perfect, does hit the D-wolf, doing a fair amount of
>damage and blasting the creature as it struggles up the rubble pile, and
>knocking it to the bottom.
>>Seeing the number of party members fighting Hand-to-hand, Talas determines
>>that firing large numbers of flashest to be a bad idea. So Talas holsters
>>the rail gun with one hand and draws his Katana with the other. And
>>attacks the nearest D-Wolf.
>Talas attacks the D-wolf engaged with Phaeton, giving it a good cut with 
>Katana.  It yelps and loosens its hold on Phaeton.
>Rod fires another shot from his bracer at the D-wolf, this time connecting. 
>Yet another creature is running about with its fur on fire.
>Lena whips out an energy pistol and fires at one of the D-wolves, missing
>hopelessly and blowing a hole in a neighboring building.
>>Kyle swings around and sees the two D-wolves, realising that Alex could
>>more than likely handle hers, Kyle goes into a dive and attemps to body
>>block the other D-wolf.  If he can he will grab hold of the wolf and take
>>it as high as possible say 300m and let go.
>Kyle manages to block the wolf heading at Angelica, but grabbing it is a 
>more difficult proposition as it easily evades Kyle's grasp.
>With Kyle's unexpected aid, Angelica easily parries the wolf, and the wolf,
>now preoccupied with two attackers, is hit square in the nose by Angelica's
>strike, and jumps back with a loud yelp like it was stung by a bee.
>>[Lady Frost]
>>Knowing that the others can handle themselves, but not knowing if this new
>>woman could, Frost charges for the D-wolf attacking Angelica loosing ice
>>at it's legs as she moves.
>>Once to the thing, she grabs it and as she dismisses the ice around it she
>>lifts it into the air and throws it as far down the street as she can
>>manage. These were wolves after all and as far as she knew they aren't
>>evil, just hungry.
>>[/Lady Frost]
>With unbelievable ease, Frost tosses the creature.  It sails several
>hundred feet, howling the whole time, disappearing behind a rubble pile,
>with only a distant WUMPH! to mark where it hit ground.
>>Ted fires on another wolf, doing his part until the group decides to
>Ted fires at the wolf attacking him, but it dodges and makes another leap 
>[D-wolf 4: Alex's critter]
>The D-wolf begins howling as it tries to scramble up the rubble pile to 
>again, but failing miserably and sliding back down.
>[/D-wolf 4]
>While the party seems to have this under control, in the not-so-distant
>distance can be heard the howls of the rest of the D-wolves.  They seem to
>have got over the confusion that Kyle had sowed.  They make no attempt to 
>quiet now, and are running at a full gate, and even the deafest, it sounds
>like there is a lot of them.
>OOC: Recap; D-wolf 1 still attacking Ted, D-wolf 2 still attacking Phaeton
>but hit by Talas, D-wolf 3 is no more, D-wolf 4 is picking itself up after
>being hit by Alex, D-wolf 5 is on fire from Rod's attack,  D-wolf 6 is no

"Idon't think we can fight them all off. It's time to go."
Angelica turns and makes a run for it.

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