[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VIII - The Portal And Beyond - Combat Round #2

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D-wolf 1 (attacking Ted)
D-wolf 2 (still struggling with Phaeton)
D-wolf 4 (coming at Alex again)
Lady Frost
D-wolf 5 (on fire)

> [GM]
> While the party seems to have this under control, in the not-so-distant
> distance can be heard the howls of the rest of the D-wolves.  They seem to
> have got over the confusion that Kyle had sowed.  They make no attempt to
> be quiet now, and are running at a full gate, and even the deafest, it
> sounds like there is a lot of them.
> [/GM]

Again Phaeton tries to free himself, but cannot get out of the D-wolf's

[D-wolf 1]
The D-wolf leaps at Ted trying to grab his throat.  Ted narrowly dodges the
creature's attack.
[/D-wolf 1]

> [Bongo]
> Bongo's ears flicker anxiously as his sensitive hearing picks up the
> sounds of the rest of the D-Wolves approaching.  "Alright people, it's
> time to go..."'
> Trying to help eliminate the rest of the D-wolves as fast as possible, he
> moves up as close as possible to the nearest one and unloads the rest of
> the clip.
> [/Bongo]

Bongo attempts to hit the D-wolf getting ready to attack Alex again, but
misses, and harmlessly blows a bit of concrete to smithereens.

> [Alex]
> Alex continues returning fire with her rifle.
> [/Alex]

The D-wolf attempts to jump out of the way of Alex's shot, but fails, and
Alex's shot hits it.  The creature is knocked back and once it strikes the
ground, it lies still.

[D-wolf 2]
The D-wolf attacking Phaeton makes another lunge and catches him on the arm. 
In a horrible demonstration of these creatures' power, he rips into the
tattooed man's arm, and Phaeton cries out in pain.
[/D-wolf 2]

> [Talas]
> Seeing that Phaeton is free to fight and realizing that Ted is on his own
> and without armour, Talas steps back from the D-wolf that he struck and
> casts a fire ball at the D-wolf attacking Ted.
> [/Talas]

The D-wolf, still concentrating on Ted, doesn't see the fireball coming, and
it hits it, causing flames to shoot up.  The D-wolf begins to flee.

Rod nods his assent at Bongo's words, but throws a parting shot at one of
the D-wolves, missing horribly.

Lena fires again, this time hitting the D-wolf that is fully in flames,
blasting it backwards and burying it in a pile of concrete and steel.

> [Kyle]
> Kyle swings around towards the second wave of D-wolves and says over the
> radio. "I am going to pay a visit to our other friends, let me know when
> you guys have finished playing with these ones OK."
> With that Kyle goes in low and looks for the biggest D-wolf (ie: pack
> leader) and will buzz them and let rip at the D-wolf while Yelling over an
> open channel.  "I am the greatest, I am the greatest, I am the greatest, I
> am the greatest, I am the greatest."
> [/Kyle]

Kyle shoots towards the main body of the pack, and finds, at the rear, a
frightfully big fellow, almost twice the size of the others, with fur
missing from much of its body.  The shot hits the monster full on.

Kyle's open channel communication is unexpectedly responded to.

"Alright hot shot, this is Sentry Unit Number 14.  We have a fix on your
bearings.  Please identify immediately."

> [Angelica]
> "I don't think we can fight them all off. It's time to go." Angelica turns
> and makes a run for it.
> [Angelica]

> [Lady Frost]
> "Kids, she's got a point.  Finish with your toys and bugger out.  I'll
> make sure the playground's clean."
> Frost then attempts to block the approach of the new wolves by making an
> ice wall as large and thick as she can manage across the street. As she
> does she calls out "Grab the van and head for McGuane Park.  We passed it
> on the way in."
> [/Lady Frost]

> [Ted]
> The lizard man finishes off his attacker. Meanwhile, he watches the others
> go. He will provide fire support for Lady Frost as necessary, then
> retrieve Arden's body and join the others outside.
> [/Ted]

The creature, confused and in pain from Talas's fireball, tries [Dodge: 5]
to get out of the way, but cannot.  The shot does the pitiable thing in,
blowing it into several small pieces.

Phaeton finally manages to get the better of the D-wolf attacking, and jabs
his sword into its throat, and after a few seconds of struggle, it stops

Phaeton is clearly in pain, his arm drenched in blood.  He looks to Lady
Frost as she constructs the ice wall.  "You know you're way around here, I
see.  Let us waste no time, then."

Lena wastes no time in following Angelica.

Only one D-wolf remains in the immediate area, and it is running around,
yelping and on fire.

Kyle's buzzing attack on the leader of the D-wolves has again sent the pack
into an uproar, but to Bongo's ears comes the faint sounds, not of beasts of
any kind, but of jets, possibly flying bots.

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