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The grenade explodes in front of the demon, hurling it
away.  Alex's laser burst isn't nearly so successful,
but does strike a couple of the smaller creatures. 
Above a dark cloud begins to gather.

Suddenly a loud booming voice can be heard.  "This is
the Coalition. Drop all weapons immediately. 
Consorting with demons is a capital offense."

[Lady Frost]

Well that just didn't work the way she'd been hoping.
They were supposed to be the ones ambushing the little
critters, not the other way around.
And now more of those idiots in the death's head armor
showed up.
'Consorting' isn't exactly the word she'd have used...

K'Zul was gone, yet the trouble didn't stop.
Talas was in trouble, Osiris was down and maybe dead,
And she couldn't move.
Kyle was gone...
Too many people gone.
And nothing she could do.
Except get angry, very angry, at this 'demon' and it's

Maybe her anger tapped mental strength she hadn't
Maybe she hadn't been affected as much as she might
have been.
Either way, she slowly turned her head to face the
demon trading taunts with Talas.
She got a major headache doing it, but she just smiled
at the demon, and began advancing on it.

Things were about to go badly for tall and ugly.

[/Lady Frost]

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