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> > [GM]
> > The demon seems somewhat unsettled by the Demon Queller.
> > He turns towards Talas and murmurs.  A bolt of lightning
> > flashes down, striking Talas and knocking him flying.
> >
> > "I shall pay special attention to you, Enemy." the demon
> > says.
> > [/GM]

> [Talas]
> "And I You, Demon!" Talas says as he gets up. And stands as
> straight and tall as he can. "Feel free to try and kill me
> Demon! You know as well as I do, that if I die you will go
> with me... When a demon queller dies a 1,000 demons also fall."
> Talas then starts running toward the demon again and yells "Let
> us dance Demon!"
> [/Talas]

Ted opens fire on the demon.  The near-perfect shot strikes the
demon's amulet, driving the demon to the ground.  The dark cloud
begins to shrink, and the demon cries out "My wrath upon you,

> [Carlos]
> Carlos mutters to himself, "Great...trouble loves me." He looks
> around to assess the size of the Coalition force. After taking
> stock of the situation, he aims for the demon's head with his
> rifle and fires away.
> [/Carlos]

The Coalition force is hard to see, with the dark cloud blocking
the way.  There are clearly three skycycles, and a Spider Walker
off in the distance.  Even as Carlos spies them out, the whole
company sees the little humanoids being attacked by CS Skelebots.

Carlos's shot strikes the demons head, and, while the creature
holds its ground, a visible aura appears around it.  The cloud is
now almost completely gone, and even through the bad weather, the
number of advancing Coalition troops can be seen.  Many are
already battling the demon's forces, and a fierce firefight between
tiny humanoids with everything from energy weapons to spears that
shoot magical bolts and CS Skelebots and Deadboys is fully

> [Alex]
> Before the Coalition patrol gets there, she mumbles to herself,
> "I really need to get something which can effect demons."
> The ex-Coalition Scout transmits in the clear, "Drop our
> weapons, you are mad. The second we do, these demons' will be
> all over us.  You must think we are stupid thinking we are
> consorting with demons."
> She fires a second grenade at the leader of the demons.
> [/Alex]

Alex's incredibly well-placed shot strikes the demon, and a
large explosion hurls the demon and a number of his minions
back.  The aura around the demon is now glowing bright as it
rises.  It raises a hand and a bolt fires back at Alex.  Alex
easily dodges the blast which strikes the ground with a loud
boom and leaves behind a smoking crater.

Phaeton falls to the ground and does not move.

> [Lady Frost]
> Well that just didn't work the way she'd been hoping.  They were
> supposed to be the ones ambushing the little critters, not the
> other way around.  And now more of those idiots in the death's
> head armor showed up.  'Consorting' isn't exactly the word she'd
> have used...
> K'Zul was gone, yet the trouble didn't stop.  Talas was in trouble,
> Osiris was down and maybe dead, again.. And she couldn't move.
> Kyle was gone... Too many people gone.  And nothing she could do.
> Except get angry, very angry, at this 'demon' and it's master.
> Maybe her anger tapped mental strength she hadn't used.  Maybe she
> hadn't been affected as much as she might have been.  Either way,
> she slowly turned her head to face the demon trading taunts with
> Talas.  She got a major headache doing it, but she just smiled
> at the demon, and began advancing on it.
> Things were about to go badly for tall and ugly.
> [/Lady Frost]

The Demon looks first upon Talas, and then upon Frost, hatred in
its face and its horrible eyes glowing red.  It fingers the ruins
of its amulet, and then turns to Ted.  Its lips move quietly but
quickly, moving between the three of them.

"We will meet again." the demon says.  "Now is not the time.  I'll
leave you to deal with the kindly and loving touch of the

With that, there is a bright flash of light.  The demon's minions
fall to the ground, screaming, and the Coalition forces easily
mop them up and begin their advance on the party.

"Let's grab our wounded and get out of here!" Bongo cries.  "If
there's all these sewers and tunnels underneath this city, that
may be our best escape.  Frost, do you know where we are?  Is
there some way to the underground?"

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