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> > [Bongo]
> > "Let's grab our wounded and get out of here!" Bongo cries.  "If there's all these
> > sewers and tunnels underneath this city, that may be our best escape.  Frost,
> > do you know where we are?  Is there some way to the underground?"
> > [/Bongo]

> [Lady Frost]
> Shaking her head to clear the fuzzies, Frost gestures away from the group.
> "There used to be a subway terminal about three blocks that way.  No telling
> if it's there anymore, but it's the best I've got."
> Glancing about, she reaches down and picks up Phaeton.  "Let's get out of
> here.  Not eager to play with the boys in black again."
> [/Lady Frost]

> [Alex]
> Alex returns fire on the demon once more and makes a run for where
> Phaeton is laying.
> [/Alex]

Alex's shot goes badly astray.

> [Alex]
> Even though she does not consider herself a true soldier, the idea that you
> never leave a man behind is something real important. Lady Frost grabs him
> and first, and she makes a run for a  nearby tunnel, "Sounds like as good an'
> idea as any."
> [/Alex]

The rest of the company follows Lady Frost as she makes for the old subway.
Good fortune finally seems to be with them, as the Coalition is occupied
with the demon's forces.

The old subway station is where Lady Frost remembered it.  It's ancient
architecture looms above them, red brick walls and large arch, scarred
but not crumbled.  A great door of black metal blocks the way.

"Phew!" Bongo says breathlessly.  "That's was old when the Apocalypse came."

As they get closer, Bongo stops.  "Look." he says, pointing towards the top
of the arch.  There, carved into the red brick, is the head of a dragon.

"That's the picture of the House of Wyrm.  The rest of you won't recognize
it, but Alex, Osiris, Lady Frost and I have seen it, first on that box
in the sewers of this city, then on that key of Arden's.  Speaking of Arden,
where is that crazed elf and his elvin keeper, Angelica?"

Even as Bongo asks, Arden stumbles out from some ruins, covered in blood.
In his hands he holds a key with the graven image of a dragon on it.  It
glows brightly.

"Your escape, my friends." he says.  "Angelica and I... have crossed a
different road."  Without another word, he walks past Lady Frost and into
the arch.  He pushes the key into some unseen keyhole, and the doors swing
noiselessly open.

"Be quick." Arden says.  "This will take you under Lake Michigan and to the
shore beyond.  The protection of this passage has been broken, and the demon
and the Coalition will soon find you.  She Who Has No Name has intervened
this once, though it taxes her greatly.  Do not delay."

Arden simply walks away, moving slowly but confidently down the street.  In
a moment he goes into an alley, and disappears from view.

Bongo looks on at Arden as he disappears.  He turns to Talas.  "You Elves
are a strange bunch."  He then turns to the others.  "I don't know who
is helping us, but I know that I don't want to meet the Coalition right

Bongo waits for the others to enter the station, and then follows suit.

As the last of the company enters the station, the great doors swing shut
quietly.  Within they find that the building has been utterly transformed
from a subway station.  Dim illumination from sky lights above scatters
across a wide altar, upon which sits a statue of a robed woman, a masterful
and detailed piece of art, save for the lack of a face.

Surrounding the altar are dozens of smaller statues, all of prostrate
robed figures, their faces covered by hoods.  Each has both arms held out,
one with a hand held out palm up, the other with a stump where a hand
should be.  It is an eary scene, and sends chills up the company's spine.

Where doors are, rotting tapestries hang on the wall.  Some depict
scenes of wars, some of an obvious religious nature, each with a faceless
woman.  The one thing that is missing is an obvious entrance to this
passage Arden spoke of.

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