[Taocow PBEM] Fwd: Chapter X - The Stranger

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Wed Feb 28 19:17:03 GMT 2007

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> OOC:  I've lost track of who's in the group now.
> Alex, Bongo, Ted, Carlos, Frost.......  who else?
> Anyone?
> IC:
> [Ted]
> "Well, Lady Frost, I think now would be an excellent
> time to share with us what you know," the lizard man
> said as he walked around the chamber looking for any
> signs that someone else might have been here 
> recently.
> [/Ted]
> [Carlos]
> Carlos looks at the group and says, "I take it that
> you, Lady Frost, are the leader of this bunch?"
> [Carlos]
> [Ted]
> "No," Ted stated bluntly. "But she and K'zul go WAY
> back. Isn't that right?"
> [/Ted]
> [Lady Frost]
> Without comment Frost whirls on Ted, grabs him by
> the
> throat, and slams him back against a wall.
> For a moment, she just glares at him.
> "That's twice you've demanded answers from me,
> rudely
> both times.  There isn't going to be a third."
> She can't maintain her anger for long though, as
> weariness comes over her and she simply drops her
> arm,
> letting Ted go with no noticable injuries.  It's
> clear
> even to the two newcomers that the group's losses
> are
> weighing heavily on her.
> "Bongo.  What's next?  How do we get out of here
> without anyone else dying?"
> [/Lady Frost]
Once the Altercation between Frost and Ted ends, Talas
walks up to Ted to see if he is ok. Then looking at
both Ted and the person who they just met he says "My
good sir, Mr. Ted. We all have questions that need
asking. But I fear most of them will have to wait
until we can rest. As for Lady Frosts actions gust
now. Pleas understand that She has just lost 3
Friends, (4 if The Cyber knight is no longer with
us?), in a very short time. It is something that is
not easy for one to deal with. Please give her and the
rest of us a little time." Talas then takes a step
back, "Mr. Ted I do have one question that I must ask
you. How resilient are you?" Talas asks while patting
the P-Beam pistol at his side. "You are with out
armour. Is that do to lack of need or lack of

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