[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XII - Through The Looking Glass Once Again

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The mention of Rath-Iren and 'She Who Has No Name' cause a raised eyebrow  
from Bongo, but that is the only signs of recognition he shows as the Prince  
divulges his information.
"Your Highness," he says after the Prince finishes, "I'm a student of  
history and archaeology myself... and while legends certainly get embellished  from 
generation to generation, there is often a grain of historical truth  embedded 
amongst them.  Professionally speaking, I find that sometimes the  historical 
truth -- while certainly less fanciful -- are no less  fascinating than the 
accompanying legends."  He pauses a moment and  smiles.  "But then again, 
perhaps I'm odd in the fact that I thoroughly  enjoy digging through history in 
order to separate the truth from the  legend."
He takes a sip from his glass, while covertly watching both the Prince's  and 
Bruth's reactions to his comments.
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Bruth looks away as Ted mentions the name, but no one else  seems
to have a strong reaction one way or the other.  The Prince, a  bit more
friendly now after having consumed a couple of glasses of wine,  seems
willing to fill him in.

"It's just a legend, really." the  Prince says.  "Passed down since the
age of the Apocalypse.  You  can believe it or not as you like, though
the likes of Bruth will insist  that it is true.  At any rate, it is said that
the Reaver once ruled a  great multidimensional kingdom, and that it
was centered on some  astrological complex known as Rath-Iren,
which, according to the legends,  was situated somewhere far to the
south of here.

"The Reaver was  apparently defeated by an old order known as the
House of the Wyrm.   They have a temple at Poughkeepsie dedicated
to some goddess they call She  Who Has No Name.  There used to
be a fair number of people belonging  to the House of Wyrm, though
their numbers have dwindled down to a few  priests and supplicants."

"Quite frankly, I think that some imaginative  story teller just wound
up some old legend from the south with the brief  reign of the Reaver
for the purposes of delighting us with that song.   But again, ask
Bruth.  He's spent more time delving around the Royal  Archives,
and is apparently on friendly terms with the High Priest of  that
nameless goddess."

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