[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XII - Through The Looking Glass Once Again

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OOC: I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome back Eric, who is
again taking up the mantle of everyone's favorite Dog Boy; Bongo

> [GM]
> ...
> Prince Akirax was victorious that glorious day,
> And the Reaver's soul fled somewhere far away.
> And in the years that passed, when Akirax grew old,
> The Reaver's sword he held in his hands dead and cold."
> [/GM]

> [Talas]
> As the young man finishes Talas applauds "Bravo my good man
> bravo. You must teach me that song later, my good man." Talas
> makes a mental note to pick this minstrel's brain later for any other
> songs he my have that mention Rath-Iren or this Reaver. Talas then
> asks one of the servants for more wine for both himself and the mayor's
> daughter.
> [/Talas]

The minstrel bows, quite pleased at the reaction from the guests.
Everyone else in the hall seems to clap politely, likely because they've
heard the song many times.

The Mayor's daughter smiles at Talas, and bows her head in his
direction as the drink is served.  The Mayor seems oblivious to this,
and his attention is still focused on Alex and Lady Frost.

"Lovely song, eh, m'ladies?" he says.  "Perhaps I'll commission our
good minstrel to write some songs about the beauty of Lady Amanda
and Lady Alex!  Perhaps we can arrange a... private songwriting

> > [Ted]
> > The lizard man claps his hands as the ballad ends. "It is a shame
> > Prince Akirax has gone on," he laments. "I would have liked to meet a
> > hero of his caliber. Perhaps his countrymen could escort us to pay
> > homage at his grave someday soon. In the meantime, however, I am
> > curious about this Rath-Iren. I have heard the name before, but...
> > What is this place?"
> > [/Ted]

> > [GM]
> > Bruth looks away as Ted mentions the name, but no one else seems
> > to have a strong reaction one way or the other.  The Prince, a bit more
> > friendly now after having consumed a couple of glasses of wine, seems
> > willing to fill him in.
> >
> > "It's just a legend, really." the Prince says.  "Passed down since the
> > age of the Apocalypse.  You can believe it or not as you like, though
> > the likes of Bruth will insist that it is true.  At any rate, it is said that
> > the Reaver once ruled a great multidimensional kingdom, and that it
> > was centered on some astrological complex known as Rath-Iren,
> > which, according to the legends, was situated somewhere far to the
> > south of here.
> >
> > "The Reaver was apparently defeated by an old order known as the
> > House of the Wyrm.  They have a temple at Poughkeepsie dedicated
> > to some goddess they call She Who Has No Name.  There used to
> > be a fair number of people belonging to the House of Wyrm, though
> > their numbers have dwindled down to a few priests and supplicants."
> >
> > "Quite frankly, I think that some imaginative story teller just wound
> > up some old legend from the south with the brief reign of the Reaver
> > for the purposes of delighting us with that song.  But again, ask
> > Bruth.  He's spent more time delving around the Royal Archives,
> > and is apparently on friendly terms with the High Priest of that
> > nameless goddess."
> > [/GM]

> [Bongo]
> The mention of Rath-Iren and 'She Who Has No Name' cause a raised
> eyebrow from Bongo, but that is the only signs of recognition he shows
> as the Prince divulges his information.
> "Your Highness," he says after the Prince finishes, "I'm a student of
> history and archaeology myself... and while legends certainly get
> embellished from generation to generation, there is often a grain of
> historical truth embedded amongst them.  Professionally speaking, I
> find that sometimes the historical truth -- while certainly less fanciful --
> are no less fascinating than the accompanying legends."  He pauses a
> moment and smiles.  "But then again, perhaps I'm odd in the fact that I
> thoroughly enjoy digging through history in order to separate the truth
> from the  legend."
> He takes a sip from his glass, while covertly watching both the Prince's
> and Bruth's reactions to his comments.
> [/Bongo]

"We have many travelers that come this way seeking for treasures in
the ground." the Prince says.  "Some are like you, seekers after
knowledge.  Most, however, are fools risking their skins for ancient
trinkets.  The only truth that matters to my father and I is that this
is a hard world where land is dearly bought, and kept only by great
sacrifice.  On the one side Free Quebec and its Coalition masters
threaten are independence, though often with fair words and great
promises.  On the other are D-Bees and madmen who haunt the old
ruins.  Vigilance is the knowledge we need.  I'll leave the digging of
old secrets to those with nothing better to do."

Bruth seems to bristle at this little speech.  Though in a calm,
deferential voice, he counters the Prince's argument.  "The Prince,
as a leader of warriors, most assuredly relies upon his soldiers,
spies and diplomats to keep our kingdom safe.  And yet, in the
ground lies more than old drink cans and the idle gossip books that
the Ancient's produced so many of.  There are secrets a day's ride
from here that would freeze the marrow of even the bravest warrior."

"You are right, Mr. Jones." he continues.  "Old songs and tales may,
below their surface of pleasant rhyme and melody, hold truths that
the old storytellers saw fit to pass on down to us.  Not everyone has
forgotten them, or the prophecies."  He glances again at Osiris.

> [Talas]
> After hearing the Prince talking about the temple of She Who Has No
> Name, Talas decides that this Temple is someplace were this group
> must go before once again going after there prey.
> [/Talas]

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