[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XII - Through The Looking Glass Once Again

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> [Alex]
> "My parents used to tell stories of heroes as well,"
> tells Alex. "There 
> was suppose to be this great sheriff named Walker.
> He was suppose to 
> have been a great Texas Ranger. Supposedly, they
> made dozens of shows 
> about him before the coming of the Rifts. I have
> been told by others 
> that they were just stories. I don't know but the
> stories were inspiring."
> [/Alex]
[Amanda Connors]

It was briefly very difficult to maintain her gaze on
Bruth.  She wanted to roll her eyes and shake her

It was amazing that these people seemed to have all
the television shows of her time recorded, but
absolutely none of them realized they were fiction.

It was GalaXy Quest on a grand scale.

Maybe she'd mention it later.  When they weren't here.
[/Amanda Connors]

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