[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XII - Through The Looking Glass Once Again

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"My parents used to tell stories of heroes as well," tells 
Alex. "There was suppose to be this great sheriff named Walker. He 
was suppose to have been a great Texas Ranger. Supposedly, they made 
dozens of shows about him before the coming of the Rifts. I have been 
told by others that they were just stories. I don't know but the 
stories were inspiring."

Bongo chuckles.? "I've heard much the same thing about my own namesake, Doctor Jones the archaeologist-slash-adventurer," he says as he glances over at Frost/Amanda with a quick grin before turning his attention back to Alex.? "Still, even if the tales of my Doctor Jones or your Ranger Walker are heavilly embellished the 'grain of truth' they're based on must be interesting in their own right."

OOC: Sorry, couldn't resist chiming in after Frost's 'eye-rolling' post.? :)
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