[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XII - Through The Looking Glass Once Again

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Mon Jul 30 22:14:41 BST 2007

> > [Talas]
> > Talas turns his attention from the mayor's daughter to the Prince "It
> > would be an honor Your Majesty." Talas then turns to the mayor's
> > daughter and says "And my dear, perhaps afterwards I can call on you,
> > and you can show me your town night life".
> > [/Talas]

> [GM]
> The young lady blushes and smiles.  "We don't have much of one, but
> there is the Bleak Prospect, a nice little tavern down by the docks."
> [/GM]

> > [Alex]
> > Alex nods in agreement
> > [/Alex]

> [Talas]
> "Then my dear I shall meet you after we have spoken with the
> Prince. And we can partake of the 'Bleak Prospect's night life."
> [/Talas]

"Meet me in the library." she says quietly.  "It's down this hall and
to the left."


> > [GM]
> > When the rest of the company comes in, they find Carlos sprawled on
> > one of the chairs, snoring.  Suddenly, Carlos awakes with a start,
> > his eyes looking as if they had been gazing somewhere else.
> > [/GM]

> [Ted]
> Ted enters the room just after Talas. He sees the look in the
> mercenary's eyes and instantly knows what has happened. He turns to
> his Elven companion. "It seems your goddess has contact another of
> us. Carlos, what have you seen?"
> [/Ted]

> [Bongo]
> "Up and at 'em, dude," Bongo quips with a raised eyebrow as he
> enters the room.  "We got a Prince coming in this side of 30 minutes,
> and I'm sure he won't like folks snoring during the visit."
> He looks around to see if Alex has followed him.
> [/Bongo}

OOC: I'm assuming Alex has.

> [Amanda Connors]
> "Don't worry too much about it.  Hang out with us for much longer
> and you'll get used to sleeping where you can.  It's this crazy all
> the time."
> She follows Bongo and Ted into the room, then drops herself into
> a nice chair, silently wishing that she could just drop off for a while
> too.  Of all the things she didn't seem to need while she was in her
> other form, sleep was the one that kicked her butt after changing back.
> "Heck, I haven't been out of my Frost form since Ireland.  How long
> ago was that anyhow?"
> [/Amanda Connors]

"About thirty years for me." Osiris quips.  "For you, maybe a day or two."

> [Ted]
> "The last few days have been so crazy, who know," he says,
> approaching their still-silent companion. He listens to Carlos'
> breathing and then looks him over for injuries. "Estas bien?" he asks
>in Spanish. "Has visto Ella Que No Tiene Nombre, verdad?"
> OOC: Translation: "Are you okay? You've seen She Who Has No Name,
> right?"
> [/Ted]

> [Carlos]
> "Momma mia...ay... I know nothing of a goddess, but we must
> head south. Rath-Iren. We have 3 days, or else all hell will break
> loose."
> [/Carlos]

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