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> [Ted]
> "Here we go again," Ted mutters. "Why will all hell break lose?"
> [/Ted]

> [Osiris]

> > "All hell can break loose tomorrow." Osiris says.  "I'm going to
> > sleep in a real bed tonight, goddesses, demons and who-knows-what be
> > damned. I do suggest, however, that we keep this all from the Prince.
> > They're good people, but that Bruth has got me more than a little
> > disconcerted."
> > [/Osiris]
> > [Ted]
> > "Agreed and I would not be surprised if this Bruth-character knows
> > something important."
> > [/Ted]
> > [Amanda Connors]
> > "Believe me, he knows something.  I'm a reporter, it's my job to
> > pick up on things like that.  He practically screamed 'interrogate
> > me, I'm a bad guy' at dinner."
> >
> > She considers Carlos' words, then sighed.  "Can we have an update
> > soon?  I've heard the name Rath-Iren over a dozen times now, and
> > about this Goddess almost as often.  In all the excitement, I know I've
> > forgotten a few things, but I don't think I'm much closer to knowing
> > what's going on than I was when Pierre and I broke out of that CS jail."
> >
> > "That bothers me."
> > [/Amanda Connors]
> > [Carlos]
> > "Bien, gracias. I saw ...a...stone wolfen... Rath-Iren is in the Land
> > Where Hell Riseth.  In three days  the Time of Fire will begin. That's
> > all I know. Whatever that means, I can't tell. I think we should get as
> > much fire power as we can and head to this Rath-Iren."
> > [/Carlos]
> > [Ted]
> > "As I recall, Rath-Iren is a temple somewhere south of here, but I
> > cannot remember where.
> > [/Ted]
> [Osiris]
> Osiris sits himself down awkwardly, a hiss of pain escaping his lips.
> "Age and injury." he says.  "Like I said, it's been thirty years for me,
> even if it's been only a few for you."
> "Do you remember when I caught up with you a few days ago under Old
> Chicago." Osiris says.  "Things have been pretty crazy since then, and
> this is the first chance we've had to talk.  Well, I have a few things to
> say
> before the Prince comes, and before we run off to catch Bruth."
> "I gave Bongo a scroll to protect when you left me in Ireland." he
> continues.  "But I remember the words well, for my master sent me
> on a quest to Old Chicago, which is how I met Bongo, Alex, Lady
> Frost, Rod, Kyle and poor old St. Pierre."
> Osiris closes his eyes and begins to recite:
> "'There are few tales that survive out of the horrific years that followed
> the Apocalypse.  Humanity barely survived the unleashing of titanic
> mystical powers and the beings that followed them.  Most of the old cities
> were abandoned, left to the monsters that crossed into our dimension from
> the rifts.  Old Chicago was one of the great cities of North America, and
> though it was rebuilt, the original city was left to rust and decay.  The
> Coalition's only concern was to assure that no power could ever again use
> Old Chicago, with its ley lines, to threaten humanity again.'
> 'But out of the dark years survived a tale of Old Chicago, a tale of a
> time
> when it was the center of a demonic empire ruled by Vlykath the Warrior,
> one of the K'murd-faka, those demons who served Chaos and sought only to
> bring ruin the Megaverse.  Vlykath possessed a wealth of treasure, and
> most precious of all, a blood-red stone the size of a man's fist and the
> shape of a heart. The stone had a single flaw shaped like an eye at its
> very center.'
> 'In the end, however, Vlykath's rule failed and his empire ended. His body
> was buried in his throneroom deep beneath Old Chicago, with all his
> riches, and the Jewel of Vlykath tied to his brow.  None of the tales go
> much further.  Some say that a few of his worshippers still
> linger,  generation after generation, tending his body and awaiting his
> return to life.  Others say that his tomb is lost, that the last of his
> worshippers were long ago driven off by other powers.'
> 'But there is a dark prophecy that goes with this, that Vlykath was not
> the
> last of the K'murd-faka, and thought another will rise again and seek to
> spread Chaos across the Megaverse.  He will seek the Jewel of Vlykath, and
> will bring it to an ancient place, the Temple of Rath-iren, and there will
> set the Megaverse aflame with a war unimaginable.'"
> Osiris sits silently for a moment.  "After you left me in that chamber
> in Ireland, I was taken prisoner.  That pale-faced horror that keeps
> pursuing us questioned me for weeks, using magic and just plain
> torture.  I can't say how I survived, or how I kept my tongue.  That
> demon is terrible, as I'm sure Talas can tell you."  Osiris shivers,
> as if feeling some new pain.
> "I finally managed to escape, though I had little more than rags on
> my back.  I made my way to England, to the court of Camelot,
> where I was restored to my health by men not that different in
> ethic than me and my fellow Cyberknights.  It was upon my
> journey home that I began to have visions.  A woman would
> come to me and tell me that I must meet my old friends in
> Old Chicago."
> "It was always my mission to seek for the Jewel of Vlykath.
> That was why I was sent to Old Chicago in the beginning.
> We never found it there, because this demon, this K'murd-faka,
> had clearly found it.  The woman told me that the demon
> seeks to destroy the Coalition, to bring about a new cataclysm
> which will spread throughout the world, and into the Megaverse.
> It is at Rath-Iren that he will do this.  I suspect that some of us have
> a key to this puzzle one way or the other."
> [/Osiris]

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