[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XV - The Demon's Minions

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> [Sia]
> Sialillion crouches down on one knee and chants out loud the words,
> "Sellum Siss."  In one quick motion she appears to pull her cloak
> tight around herself, but somehow also grasps the very material of the
> shadows around her as well.  As simply as someone drawing a curtain
> closed, Sialillion seems to pull the darkness shut around herself.
> The sorceress disappears from view entirely.
> Effectively invisible, Sialillion runs through the shadows to
> somewhere where she can get a better look at the skulking figure with
> her keen Elven night vision.
> [/Sia]

Even as Sialillion melds into the shadows, the figure steps out of them.

"You're right about that Miss." a small man says to Lady Frost.  He
appears to be in his mid-fifties; his short-cut hair is silver,
obscuring any trace of its original color.  The lines on his face are
deep, and he looks as thin as if he had missed many meals.  Still,
there is something about him, a commanding, confident presence.

"You certainly caught my attention, however I was looking for you. I
doubt the next to arrive will be as interested in talking as I am. In
this situation, your friends here are right." he continues, with a nod
to Alex.  "It's better to be somewhere else right now."

The man turns his head, looking around him.  "If you have somewhere to
go, I suggest leaving immediately."

The man takes a few steps towards Ted and takes a good look at the man
he's carrying.  "Son, can you hear me? Son?"  He then turns to Osiris
and says with an air of formality "Sir, it's an honor to meet another
of your kind, however we need to get this man medical attention. What
I have to say can wait. Where to?"

OOC: I'd like to welcome our newest player.  I'll let him make his own
introductions, but he's posting with the email address
koba.rowers at gmail.com.  To orient him, I'm going to include a bit of a
description for each of the PCs and NPCs.

[Osiris - the cyberknight]
Osiris looks quite shocked.  "This man's deeds are dark.  I will heal
him as I may, for now, but what he may be able to reveal is of great

[Lady Frost - the ice woman]
Lady Frost looks at the stranger intently.  "And who are you exactly?
You seem to know a great deal about us."
[/Lady Frost]

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