[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XV - The Demon's Minions

Aaron Corley marjannec at netzero.net
Wed Feb 13 21:01:33 GMT 2008

...Still, he looks at the others, but particularly at Carlos, with hatred in his eyes. "Y-Y-Y-You'll p-pay, Sanchez." he says, his voice a chatter.  "You'll all p-p-p-pay.  J-j-ust like that g-g-g-girl."

The taller man begins to moan.  "Quiet, Kreeg." he says.  "The master
comes.  I hear his voice.  He comes... he comes..."

"Delightful friends, Carlos," the lizard man whispered. He tried to get a better idea of what kind of weapons the two carried.

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