[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XV - The Demon's Minions

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> > 
> > [GM]
> > Just then there's a loud blast and a piece of the
> > wall of the garage is blown
> > away. Out of the smoky dust walks the old
> innkeeper,
> > Max Stein.  He is
> > dressed in ill-fitting body armor, with a rather
> > large energy rifle of Triax
> > manufacture by the look of it.  His face is
> > contorted in hatred and he aims the
> > rifle at the orc-man.
> > 
> > "Stand aside." he says.  "I'm here for justice.
> You
> > would have questioned
> > these... these... butchers and turned them over to
> > the King's men.  But it's
> > my blood on that street, my blood being carted
> away
> > to be buried, and I'll
> > have my payment now!  So stand aside."
> > [/GM]
> > 
> [Alister]
> Alister stands between Max and his targets and says,
> "nobody said anything about handing them over to the
> kings men, and you would rather kill off the peons
> and
> let the one responsible for giving them their orders
> get away that he can order other such heinous acts?"
> while talking alister activates armor of ithan, just
> in case
> [/Alister]
Talas once again uses 'chi-gun'. Then walks toward Max
while speaking to him "Mr. Stien, we all understand
that you have a job to do here. But if you kill these
to men now, then all you will be doing is protecting
the demon that they serve. You need to ask yourself
Mr. Stien, Do you wish to protect the creature that
did this? So that he may do it again. Or do you want
this creature destroyed in a most horrific manner?...
Which will it be Mr. Stien? Vengeance, or will you
serve the Demon as they do?"

By now Talas should be standing right in front of Max.
He reaches out to lower the mussel of Max's gun.

-if Max offers no resistance when his gun is lowered
and his grip on the gun seems to have slackened, Talas
will slowly and calmly take the gun from Max.

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