[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XV - The Demon's Minions

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> > [GM]
> > Ted runs at maximum speed, doing his best to prowl, and failing
> > miserably.  Some distance behind Koba follows.  The street ahead is
> > lit up with a number of military vehicles, some with spotlights
> > checking out all the buildings.
> >
> > At the location of the battle itself no one has yet arrived, though
> > they are not more than a thirty seconds away.  After looking for a few
> > moments, Ted spots the staff, lying on the ground where the taller man
> > had been shot.  Behind him, Koba comes running up.
> >
> > It seems likely that if they run out to retrieve the staff they will be spotted.
> > [/GM]

> [Ted]
> Ted feets certain that without Koba he could easily grab the staff and get
> back to the group before the advancing security detail could identify him.
> As if stood, however, he decides to hide somewhere where only Koba
> can see him. Once the man drew close enough, he telepathically
> asks what skills or spells he might have for getting the weapon.
> [/Ted]

> [Koba}
> Koba pulls up against the wall doing his best to keep from making
> unnecessary noise from the armor against the stone wall. With a glance
> around the corner he spys the staff on the ground. After a quick nod to Ted
> he motions for him to stay where he is. There is no need to go back out
> there and get caught.
> Koba focuses his gaze intently on the staff on the ground. Thoughts and
> imagination focused together with reality and his desire to simply move the
> staff. From the darkened alleyway he attempts to will the staff towards him.
> quickly but low enough not to attract attention.
> [/Koba]

The staff lifts into the air and floats towards Koba.  As it gets
closer, more of
its detail can be seen.  It is made of some sort of dark brown wood, with what
look almost like veins along its irregular surface.  A few knots can be seen,
thin rings showing that it must have come from a tree.  The top of the staff
is carved like grasping skeletal fingers, and affixed to it is a green gem with
at least a hundred facets.  A very faint light can be seen glowing from within
the gem, which seems to brighten as it approaches Koba and Ted.

> [Ted]
> *Magic or psionics?* the lizard man asked telepathically, trying to get a feel
> for his companion's strengths.
> [/Ted]

Before Koba can answer, a distant roar, coming from the water front,
can be heard.  The foggy sky lights up with a red flame.  The wail of
several sirens winds up.

[Meanwhile back in the garage...]

> > [GM]
> > Just then there's a loud blast and a piece of the wall of the garage is blown
> > away. Out of the smoky dust walks the old innkeeper, Max Stein.  He is
> > dressed in ill-fitting body armor, with a rather large energy rifle of Triax
> > manufacture by the look of it.  His face is contorted in hatred and he aims the
> > rifle at the orc-man.
> >
> > "Stand aside." he says.  "I'm here for justice. You would have questioned
> > these... these... butchers and turned them over to the King's men.  But it's
> > my blood on that street, my blood being carted away to be buried, and I'll
> > have my payment now!  So stand aside."
> > [/GM]

> [Alister]
> Alister stands between Max and his targets and says "Nobody said anything
> about handing them over to the King's men, and you would rather kill off the
> peons and let the one responsible for giving them their orders get away so
> that he can order other such heinous acts?"  While talking Alister activates
> Armor of Ithan, just in case
> [/Alister]

Max points to Sia.  "She *is* the King's men!  She's his eyes and ears, for
the gods' sake.  I have the right to my revenge, NOW STAND ASIDE!"  Max
begins walking forward.

> [Carlos]
> Carlos stands in front of the prisoners. "You shall have your justice. First
> we will question them." He gives an intimidating look at the newcomer.
> [/Carlos]

"I'll not let you talk me out of this." Max roars.  His eyes are mad, darting
back and forth.  The man's grief is palpable and understandable, but he is
an incredible danger at the moment.

> [Talas]
> Talas once again uses 'chi-gun'. Then he walks toward Max while
> speaking to him "Mr. Stein, we all understand that you have a job to
> do here. But if you kill these two men now, then all you will be doing
> is protecting the demon that they serve. You need to ask yourself
> Mr. Stein, do you wish to protect the creature that did this so that he
> may do it again? Or do you want this creature destroyed in a most horrific
> manner?...  Which will it be Mr. Stein? Vengeance, or will you serve the
> Demon as they do?"
> By now Talas is standing right in front of Max. He reaches out to lower
>  the mussel of Max's gun.
> [/Talas]

> [Sia]
> Still concealed in the shadows about 60 feet away, Sialillion watches
> the exchange between Talas and Max, and, as Talas reaches for the gun,
> Sialillion speaks the incantation to her Compulsion spell, attempting
> to induce an overwhelming desire to hand over the gun in Max.
> [/Sia]

Max seems to shudder visibly.  His arms tense and untense, fighting both
the wisdom of Talas's words and Sialillion's mystical powers.  Finally the
madness leaves his eyes and he lowers the gun.

> [Talas]
> Talas slowly and calmly takes the gun from Max.
> [/Talas]

Max looks to the company, tears welling in his eyes.  "I'm... I'm... so sorry.
She was my only child.  You must understand."  He cannot continue and
breaks down in heavy sobs, a sad and bitter sight.

> [Alex]
> The fire haired scout grabs her shield generator and slings it over
> her body. She sees that as giving her some protection. She then
> draws her rifle and watches closely.
> Turning towards Bongo, she asks, "Bongo, do you sense where the danger
> is coming from? You are a more powerful psychic than I am and may be
> able to sense more."
> [/Alex]

"Maybe the old man was it." Bongo says.  Then his nose wrinkles.  "Do you
smell that..."

The company hears the distant roar coming from the waterfront, and the
sirens going off.  The injured man starts to laugh.  "Too late... too
late...  He is here."

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