[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XV - The Demon's Minions

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Fri Feb 22 21:47:10 GMT 2008

> [GM]
> Max looks to the company, tears welling in his eyes.  "I'm... I'm...  
> so sorry.
> She was my only child.  You must understand."  He cannot continue and
> breaks down in heavy sobs, a sad and bitter sight.
> [/GM]

Sialillion comes forward and puts her hand on Max's shoulder.  "Never  
fear, Max.  You will have your revenge.   I, too, know what it's like  
to have the ones you love murdered by unimaginable evil.  But these  
pathetic worms," she says, spitting her words out towards the two  
captured men, "are merely pawns carrying out the orders of a greater  
demon.  We need whatever information they have to be able to strike at  
the real perpetrator.  And if necessary," she says, turning back to  
Max with steel in her glare, "we will make them suffer.  I may be the  
King's eyes and ears, as you say, but there is much about the nature  
of evil that I know, and he does not.  Cannot.  Don't take me for a  
mere lackey."
> [Bongo]
> "Maybe the old man was it." Bongo says.  Then his nose wrinkles.   
> "Do you
> smell that..."
> [/Bongo]
> [GM]
> The company hears the distant roar coming from the waterfront, and the
> sirens going off.  The injured man starts to laugh.  "Too late... too
> late...  He is here."
> [/GM]

Looking briefly alarmed, Sialillion places a finger against her  
forehead and closes her eyes, quickly intoning a syllable or two under  
her breath.

[ooc]Sialillion casts Sense Evil.[/ooc]

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