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The staff is enchanting with the artistry and the glow of the gem sitting on
top of it intertwined. Koba instinctively reaches out a hand to grab at it,
but with a quick snap of his head he realizes that may be too dangerous. He
unslings a sack om his shoulder and directs it in mentally. As he pulls the
strings to draw the bag closed, the sound of the primal roar makes him
startle as he turns to face the waterfront.

"Ted, we need to get back to the others...NOW. I'm guessing that's who your
"orc-sicle" friend was waiting for." Koba says with a sense of urgency and a
hint of fear. Suddenly the image of Seth, the old man who brought him to the
city, pops into Koba's head. His boat is likely still at the dock. "I hope
you know when to run my friend." Koba mutters to himself.

With the sack now secured on his shoulder, he slings the energy rifle into
his hands and starts running back towards the garage as fast as he can.

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> [Carlos] Carlos starts panting, then yells, "Wait! We must leave for
>  Rath-Iren to the south. We cannot wait! We need to get there quick
>  before all is lost!" [/Carlos]
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